At Naked Glow we have collated our most frequently asked questions and have decided what better way to answer them all then with a FAQ blog post so if you have a question or query regarding Naked Glow then scroll down to find your answer !

What is the difference between Bronze Babe and Golden Glow ?

Not only do both these shades have different levels of DHA  , they also have different undertones . Bronze Babe has a reddish brown undertone and Golden Glow has a olive undertone. Bronze Babe is an express instant mousse needing no development time and Golden Glow needs 8 hours development time. Golden Glow lasts longer on the skin then Bronze Babe. 

Bronze Babe was created for the last minute gals who are always last minute on deciding if they are going to the event / party or not! Golden Glow is for the routine Tan Thursday gals ! But all three shades are for every gal we reccomend trying all three to find your perfect shade. 

Is Sunkissed very light?

No , sunkissed isnt very light its a light to medium olive undertone shade and is buildable with 2 or 3 applications. It would be suitable for very fair girls or girls who wear tan every day and want to go for a sunkissed look during the week and save their Golden Glow or Bronze Babe for the weekend. 

Does Naked Glow have that usual fake tan smell? 

No we designed this tan specifically to cancel out the negatives surrounding fake tanning. Our tans all have a carmel / coconut infused fragrence that leave the skin smelling sweet and fruity. Its to die for! Say goodbye to that ''curry'' like smell! 

Why are the shades priced differently?

Although they all incorporate the same level of high quality ingredients , they all have different levels of DHA in them, which is the main ingredient that dyes the skin. 

Is Naked Glow Cruelty Free ?

Yes! We are strongly against animal testing and pride ourselves on being cruelty free.

How long will Naked Glow last on my skin?

Naked Glow will fade naturally and last  up to 7 days as it contains Coconut oil  and Hyaluronic Acid which locks in the skins moisture and improves its texture. Remember it is important to moisturise daily, as moisturising aids hydration, and hydration is KEY to the perfect tan.

Will the product leave streaks? 

No, we promise a streak free finish  once your skin has been prepped well and you apply your tan evenly. Please refer to our Perfect Appliaction Blog post on how to apply your Naked Glow.  We have created a streak-free formula by using Glycerin and Betaine to improve the skins texture and softness. 

Top Tip : Always exfoliate and hydrate the skin between tan applications, but make sure not to use a moisturiser or any perfume/deodorants on the day of application.

Can i use Naked Glow on my face? 

Yes! Our formula is made up of many hydrating components that is used in all advanced skincare , therefore it is suitable to use on thee face. We recommend mixing our tan with your daily moisturiser and blending into the skin with a large duo fibre powder brush, for an even application. Remember dont forget to go down into your neckline to get even coverage.

Can i use fake tan when im pregnant or TTC? 

Yes you can use Naked Glow when your pregnant or trying to concieve as it is paraben free and contains no nasties . Parabens are a class of chemicals widely used as preservatives in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. When using mousse and lotions DHA is only dying the top layer of dead skin cells and is not penterated into the blood stream. You should try and avoid spray tans howver as you are inhaling the DHA in this case.

Is Naked Glow Suitable for Vegans? 

Yes , our formulas and products are all vegan friendly! 

Where can i buy Naked Glow?

At present Naked Glow is available to purchase only on our website and via our Love Kimberly App if you are looking to become a stocklist please check out our Stocklist forms here. 

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