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New Eco Luxurious Double Sided Velvet Mitt

New Eco Luxurious Double Sided Velvet Mitt

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Streak free, easy application

The Naked Glow Self Tan Application Mitt makes applying a streak-free, flawless tan easier than ever whilst keeping your hands stain free. ultra-smooth, double-sided applicator mitt with a lotion proof barrier . Washable and reusable, the Application Mitt is perfect for use with all Naked Glow products.

The mitt includes a luxury velvet surface which perfectly glides over the skin. The water-resistant barrier glove provides a protective film, ensuring hands remain stain-free with professional results. A thumb allows grip and comfort whilst applying your tan.

The packaging is also eco friendly! What more could you want from a tanning mitt

To use: Place hand inside the mitt and pour sufficient  product onto the velvet surface. Using gentle sweeping movements, massage the tan into the skin. Repeat as necessary. Hand wash the mitt between tanning applications.


Suitable For: Applying Self Tan all over the body.

Use With: Any of the Luxurious Mousse Collection

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