How to make your glow last longer.. - NAKED GLOW

How to make your glow last longer..

Streaky, fast-fading fake tan is the bane of any glow-getter’s life. Like, seriously, no one wants that – it is not a vibe. There are three main things that’ll make your Naked Glow  look flawless AND help it last so much longer. So, if you want your Naked Glow to be more Love Island glam and less tango tragic, here's what you need to do....

Prep & Prime

Prepping your skin before any tan application is vital. Make sure you shave and exfoliate at least eight hours before you plan to tan, to make sure skin is as smooth ’n’ fresh as possible, and that it’s had time to calm down especially after a tough scrub. Scrub away those dead skin cells with our Glow Bye Glove and any Scrub of your choice preferably an oil based scrub and then moisturise with a light lotion. You don’t want to use anything too heavy, as it’ll stop the tan from absorbing properly into the skin. Rub it in all over and pay extra attention to dry bits, such as elbows, knees and hands. Top tip : We always advise a deep hydration the night prior to application and then only applying light lotion to dry areas. 



We always say application is the key to a longer lasting tan. No matter what shade you go for, you should always apply it using a luxurious velvet mitt like ours and buff the product into your skin with circular motions. This will ensure an even, streak-free finish  One of the biggest advantages of a fake tan is avoiding strap marks and lines, but if you don't let your tan dry fully before either getting dressed or going to bed, you risk extra lines, smudges and a patchy finish. Top Tip: After application try wear loose-fitting clothes and forgo the bra. Remember be patient and let the tan dry completely before getting into bed.



When washing off your tan, don't have your shower too hot. Lukewarm water will be best - also avoid deep moisturizing products, packed with heavy oils as this will strip the tan of its colour. Hydration is the key to caring for your tan long-term. BUT, an oil-based formula will see your tan disappearing more quickly. Use a simple lotion  and always apply straight after a shower. Hands and face will fade the quickest, as they are washed more frequently so you may need to reapply as you see fit . Top Tip:  Remember to keep palms and nails washed after every application.

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