Everything you need to know about DHA and Bronze Babe for 2022... - NAKED GLOW

Everything you need to know about DHA and Bronze Babe for 2022...

Hello lovelies,

In this weeks blog I’m going to deep dive into the effects of DHA on the skin ,why we have to reduce the level of DHA across our formulas and weather or not tan in general Is bad for your skin. It’s important for me as both someone who produces and sells fake tan a tan addict and advocate to educate you my consumer on these topics even if i am Kim K ugly crying RN! 

Firstly what is DHA ? DHA is scientifically known as dihydroxyacetone and is classified as a 3-carbon sugar. When applied to skin, a chemical reaction occurs between amino acids and the outermost skin layer which is composed of dead skin cells and does not penetrate deeper then this layer, this produces a brown color, or tan. Don't forget that DHA itself is colorless and that it can continue to react in and darken the skin for up to 24 hours after application,  that is  why  we cant emphasize enough to always always wash your hands after using aby self tanner. Even if you can't see the color at application, the DHA is still there and will continue to create colour on the hands, nobody wants orange hands.

Secondly is it safe for your skin? Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, is approved in self-tanning products by both the FDA and the EU's Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety. DHA carries less health risks than any other tanning method, achieving a tan without sun exposure and UV rays although we must stress there is NO sun protection in DHA or Naked Glow . DHA is considered safe enough to be approved for external cosmetic application by the FDA, and is considered nontoxic and non-carcinogenic.  DHA has been around since the 1920s'.  However , as of 2022 in Europe only 10% DHA products will be approved for sale meaning a lot of ultra dark fake tans will be removed from the market and formulas will be readjusted.

What does that mean for Bronze Babe?  I look at this as a positive , as we are a skincare tanning brand whos main aim is to rehydrate , replenish and restore the skin all while providing that gorgeous Naked Glow, we will use this new regulation as a stepping stone in achieving an even better formula before.  Don't worry ,we will use alternative ingredients and boosters to create a new formula for our Bronze Babe base that still has that dark  Bronze Babe hue while still using all our skin loving ingredients and complying to EU regulation by not exceeding the 10% dosage limit. We just need a little more time to perfect the perfect Bronze Babe 2.0 .. stay tuned!

Saying goodbye to MY OG favorite tan is going to be so hard but i promise to make our new formula even better! 

Bronze Babe original formula will remain on sale until March 31st 2022 after this date it will no longer be available for resale. So stock up now and keep your eyes peeled for special offers over the next 8 weeks! In the meantime If you have any questions regarding Bronze Babe or DHA, you can DM us on Instagram @nakedglow_ie or send an email to nakedglowselftan@gmail.com , I am more than happy to help. 


Happy Safe Self tanning! 


Kimberly xx


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